Detox-Whole Life Reinvention Fully Personalized & Professional Guided 10 days Program

Assisting you to become healthier and happier is what we aim to deliver in this highly personalized, holistic detoxing experience. Our experienced team of practitioners invite you to experience a positive transformational journey of body, mind and soul. In our method, we place special attention to self-discovery, awareness, acceptance and personal growth.

The 10-Day Program includes:

1. Private Consultations with Dr. Liana Nenacheva:

a. Initial consultation

During this consultation Dr. Liana Nenacheva will choose for you based on your health and needs:

  • Systemic Organ Cleansing Program
  • Food and beverages
  • Super foods and probiotics
  • Natural herbs
  • Different kinds of the practitioners that will be working with you during the Systemic Organ Cleansing Program according your health condition & needs (optional)

The goal of this consultation is maximal detoxifying your body, mind and spirit while minimizing the effects of the released toxins. The release of deep toxins could cause one to experience mental, emotional and physical shifts. That is why it is critical to have a personalized program to help minimize these effects. The program has been meticulously crafted and sequenced, so when carefully followed, it will give the best results.

b. Nutrition advice and therapy (1 session)

c. Follow-up consultations to promote the detox and monitor your physical and emotional condition during the detox process (5 sessions)

2. Consultations with supporting practitioners

  • “Reinvent Your Life” coaching* (2 sessions)
  • Craniosacral therapy (1 session)
  • Somalogy** (1 session)
  • Relationship therapy (optional)
  • Theta healing*** (optional)

3. Enemas/ Colonics (3 sessions)

4.  Spa

  • SvargaLoka:
    • Balinese Herbal Compress,
    • Infra-red sauna 3x,
    • Dee Tissue Massage,
    • Detox Bath 5x,
    • Body Scrub & Body Wrap,
    • Rejuvenation Facial,
    • Aromatherapy Massage,
    • Abhyanga,
    • Shirodhara,
    • Hot & Cold Stone Massage,
    • Lymphatic Plus Massage,
    • Balinese Massage

5. Cooking Lessons

6. Yoga sessions every morning

7. Guided meditations every evening

8. Water purification at Tirta Empul holy water temple

9. Water purification with Water Priestess Ida

* “Reinvent Your Life” Coach with Barbara: Life Reinvention doesn’t happen when you are unhappy who you are; it is when you love yourself enough to believe that you deserve better. Just as you would use a personal trainer in the gym, a life coach helps you use the power of focus and support.  It is your time to really get clear on what you want, why you want it and developing an action plan to implement it.

**Somalogy with Tyr: Tyr Throne’s “Somalogy” is the science of the living body. It is an advanced science of bodywork and special exercises to help you:

  • Heal injuries
  • Gain better posture and flexibility
  • Feel and look younger and more attractive
  • Take care of back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain
  • Sit more comfortably at the computer and in meditation
  • Improve your yoga, walking, and running

*** Theta healing with Erica: What it does… Dissolves negative beliefs effortlessly, Releases old emotional bonds with total ease, Sets you free from whatever holds you back, Removes all blocks to your highest potential …and live with freedom and joy!

Beverages and food:

  • 3 days supply fresh detox juice fast,
  • Alkaline water,
  • Daily Probiotic,
  • Natural Supplement,
  • Fiber Powder,
  • Personalized Herbal therapy


10 days Package including accommodation in 5 * Hotel & Resort starting from $ 4,500 USD

detox bath and treatmentsView The Demo of The 10 Days program in SvargaLoka:


So many of us have spent our lives in the vicious cycle of dieting and cleansing just to gain the weight or original symptoms back.
The mission of the Whole Life Detox Institute is to provide a space of healing and love where you can come and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. We want to create vibrant health, emotional well-being and radical aliveness. The team of our practitioners offer integrated life-changing programs which have been designed utilizing the latest research from the fields of Western Medicine and Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Macro-biotic Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Nutrition Therapy, Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation, Somalogy, Life Coaching and Theta Healing.

“Finally a clear, step by step program to help you understand your body and lose the weight for good!”

Fortunately, our program is not just another Detox, Diet of other Holistic healing therapy. You will read more about our approach and our program in the section’ Our Vision & About Detox

Creating a fulfilling life is the goal of our Program

Discovery consultation via Skype/phone to identify your unique needs including health or life challenges

after-careWhether you are looking to feel better, lose weight, or have more energy, this lifestyle reinvention program will easily help you to achieve your goals. If you are tired of suffering from a myriad of chronic issues and are ready to make a radical change to truly transform your life, I am ready to help you get there. You will have my support via e-mails, Skype consultations, live consultations, and helpful posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The dates of the Program:

 July 2015  7.07 – 16.07  21.07 – 30.07
 August 2015  5.08 – 14.08  19.08 – 28.08
 September 2015  3.09 – 12.09  18.09 – 27.09
 October 2015  3.10 – 12.10  18.10 – 27.10
 November 2015  3.11 – 12.11  16.11 – 25.11
 December 2015  2.12 – 11.12  16.12 – 25.12
 January 2016  2.10 – 11.01  16.01 – 25.01
 February 2016  30.01 – 8.2  14.02 – 23.02

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