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food-medicineTake charge of your body, health and life by feeling better, living longer and enhancing your wellbeing the natural way through this Immersion guide by Dr. Liana Nenacheva. Inspiration for Food as Medicine has been developed from more than 27 years of combined schooling and work experience by a holistic doctor and nutritional specialist who has studied Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese and Macrobiotic nutritional therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy. Looking at personal diagnosis and the individual properties of food, one may conclude:

A Universal Diet Does Not Exist

Finding balance in a diet is unique for each person. To find balance, it’s helpful to know not only one’s own needs, properties of foods, but also the correct preparation of food. It is necessary to exercise skill in eating by not overeating, choosing high quality foods, and avoiding too many food combinations. By knowing a broad range of nutritious foods, including chlorophyll-rich plants, the best source of certain fatty acids, the least dangerous of the concentrated sweeteners and so on… Healing yourself with food is a comprehensive way of life, which offers invigorating principles to guide and educate, providing practical tools to strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Recognizing that we are composed of many bodies- physical, intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual – healthy nutrition offers unique nourishment to sustain growth and alleviate the 7 kinds of judgment???. The ultimate goal of a healthy food and lifestyle regiment is to create freedom from fear, from sickness and from living lives of indifference. Creating a great life is the goal of our retreat. Healing common diseases and conditions with whole foods and a supportive lifestyle means looking at illnesses of “imbalance” from a holistic perspective. It also requires that we discover natural and non-toxic ways to treat pain, strengthen immunity, regulate blood sugar and deal with life’s everyday stressors.  It’s not only about taking special remedies, medications or applying different therapies.  Although these can aid healing, the core of healing must encompass a total body, mind and spirit approach. This is an honest assessment of your imbalances in every area of your life.

The structure of this retreat is designed to give you maximum understanding of the broad and very complicated subject of nutrition as well as provide practical tips to enable you to make effective adjustments to your lifestyle and attitude towards health.

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