The Structure of The Retreat

Orientation evening:

Time to settle in and get excited as you accustom yourself to your exclusive retreat center and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding area. A welcome note will invite you to attend our evening event, including drinks by the pool as we meet and greet other guests and familiarize ourselves with the flow and specific details of the next 7 days together and how you might maximize your time. Expect some surprises, some giveaways and a special welcoming ceremony to formally invite you to the Island of the Gods. bali

Day one

healthy-nutritionThe journey begins with our daily liver detox drink and yoga session. Combined they will be working on the most important energy system in our body: the kidney. You will learn easy acupressure techniques to boost your kidney energy, your willpower and your vitality. These techniques will stimulate your body’s metabolism and also help to reduce fears, anxiety, depression, and low energy. During the lecture we will learn about:

  • Western anatomy, the digestive system, how we digest our food and how we make problems for the digestion system – both anatomically and physically
  • We will discuss the difference between “what is digestion and what is absorption”? Most people believe that digestion is important; actually it’s absorption that is most important
  • We will look at the western approach to nutrition: diet, sugar, fat, carbohydrates & proteins
  • We will learn how these food groups affect our health in both positive and negative ways
  • How should you eat fruit? Whole? Juiced? How many pieces a day?
  • What are good proteins and what are bad proteins?
  • Good oils, bad oils
  • What does “diet” mean- which diets are good, and which diets are harmful to your body

Day two

-Food-Pyramid-In our yoga session we will work on the second most important energy system in our body: the spleen and stomach. It is our emotional and physical digestive system. The biggest problem of our modern lives is most definitely digestion problems; not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Learn easy acupressure techniques to boost your digestion (body, mind and emotions). This will stimulate your digestive fire. Our journey through nutrition science will continue with the following topics:

  • The Western nutrition pyramid
  • The Integrative nutrition pyramid. The important components of this pyramid are love and selflove, self care, self knowledge and so on

Second part of the day: Healthy breakfast cooking class 

Day three

subtle-anatomyDuring our yoga session today we will work on the liver and gall bladder system. Together, they represent our detox system. However, it is also this system that makes us angry, frustrated and nervous, experiencing all kinds of stress related problems in our body.  You will learn easy acupressure techniques to relief stress symptoms and boost the detox capacities of the body. During lecture time, we will discuss:

  • Basic knowledge about the energy anatomy of our body, the five elements
  • We will see what type of person you are– your natural blueprint
  • The energy of food according the five elements as well as yin and yang
  • We will see how food affects our emotions, our stress resistance and our moods. We will see how we make illnesses and how food effects everything; first at an energetic level and then on a physical level
  • We will look at how we make ourselves ill and how to make ourselves healthy, without any special super human pills or potions
  • Some health tips

Second part of the day: Veggie Burger cooking class 

Day four

Nutrition-adviseIn our yoga session today we will work on the large intestine system. This is our elimination system, the same system that is responsible for letting go of everything we no longer need: stools, emotions and “life experience wastes”. If you can’t let go, you will not able to start something new and will be stuck with old patterns. You will learn easy acupressure techniques to promote the “letting go” capacity of the large intestine. This will also be helpful if you have any kind of problems with bowel movements. The topics for today are:

  • The Macrobiotic nutrition pyramid
  • How to customize a meal plan that is right for your body
  • Different cooking methods that you can use according to your health condition, climate, and the season
  • Cooking tips
  • Best food choices for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day five

day-05In our yoga session today we will work on the balancing of our entire energy system. You will learn easy acupressure techniques to balance your body’s energy. The last topic will be:

  • Superfoods and fermented food like miso and soya sauce, Umeboshi plums and so on
  • The use of vitamins, supplements and superfoods. I will answer the following questions: Are they good for everybody? How do I use them properly? What types of superfoods can I choose for my condition?

Second part of the day: Grains cooking class

Day six

questionsThis will be our last yoga session.It will be a nice and gentle flow yoga so we can connect with our kidney, heart and mind. During the last lecture of our retreat:

  • I will answer all of your questions.

In the second half of the day we will create a close circle and take part in a closing ceremony.

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