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cover-only-food-as-medicin-copyEvery Monday at 6.30 pm

Are you one of those who constantly asks yourself these questions:

  • How should I eat? Is a carnivore, vegan, macrobiotic, raw lifestyle good for me?
  • Does veganism support me? Since I’m vegan, I still have many cravings, I’m tired, constipated, have scattered mind? Am I eating right?
  • I am often detoxing, go for colonics, eat raw, but I am still toxic? Why? What’s wrong with me?

These are the questions, I hear every day in my practice and my life.

Our body is a detoxing, cleansing and excess weight losing efficient machine. That is what it’s designed to do.

A huge variety of diets can leave us confused. What is the right one? The universal diet or lifestyle doesn’t exist. The answer is to look at you personally, your constitution, your health and lifestyle. We must understand that food can make us ill or it can make us healthy. It’s not about diet, but also who you are.

I will talk about energy of food according the 5 elements, yin and yang, Ayurveda. You will learn step by step the subtle energies of the body. You will understand how food affects our physical, emotional and subtle body. You will know how food works on our emotions and how those determinate our nutritional habits. I will give an explanation about common western diseases as CVS, indigestion, IBS, food intolerance, adrenal fatigue, stress, depression, burn out, asthma, eczema and much more. We will find which food and lifestyles are the best for thes illnesses.

Eating right means ultimately more than what it said ‘that you should eat’.

Dr Liana Nenacheva has more than 30 years experiences in the field of human health. Her knowledge and skills come through an integration of her studies and the practice of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western and Traditional Chinese Nutrition therapy, Macro-biotic Nutritional Therapy and professional Chef Training in Natural Cooking, Macrobiotic and Vegan cooking and eating according to the 5 Elements.

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