Holistic Yoga Therapy


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Good health resultsfrom perfect communicationbetweeneach part of the body and mind;
wheneachcell communes witheveryotherone.
Although yoga is essentially a spiritual science,
it leads to sense of physicalandemotional well-being
B.K.S. Iyengar

Do you have a specific health problem, ilness or injury?
Are you constantly tired?
Do you have too much stress?
Is your ability to cope with problems rather limited?
Do you often have a cold?
Do you suffer from indigestion?
Do you experience chronic tension?

We all experience occassional or re-occuring ailments. Now and then, we simply “don’t feel good”.

Is your condition not good enough to attend a regular class or do you want to receive more attention and personal guidance during the lesson?

Are you a yoga practitioner with a desire to know how can you prevent yoga injuries while improving your practice?

According Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhism: 50% of your State of Mind is dependent on your Posture.

This isn’t news to anyone, right?
We talk about feeling things in “our guts”. We talk about a lump in our throat when we are upset, long standing pain between our shoulder blades, neck pain after a lot of stress. Our daily language illustrates this, but how often to we ignore what our bodies are telling us?
There are typically places in our bodies that emotions get stuck or stored. When I see your body, your manner to walk, dance, move, I read a lot of information about your imbalances.

I find as Holistic doctor and Yoga therapist, that each person is unique, and that while there are patterns, each body has its own way of making sense things.
While I don’t believe that every disease and ailment is a result of emotional distress, it’s always worth taking a second look at what’s going on internally when you notice chronic pain patterns in your body. But emotional distress creates a weak place in our body.

Many people over burden their joints, neck and back, shoulders and knees during dailly life, sport, public yoga classes. Also we take incorrect poster during working with computer, watching Television, running, walking. All these factors make a lot of problems in our body.

What is holistic yoga therapy?

Health is not purely the absence of illness. Health is a perfect balance of body and mind, intellect and soul. Holistic Yoga therapy is a combination of the Hatha Yoga tradition, the Ayurvedic system of health care, Chinese Medicine and Western medical and psychological science.

In yoga, the definition of health is considered to be a free flow of vital energy ( prana, or Qi ) throughout the energy pathways (nadis, meridians) and within the energy wheels (Chakras) in your body. Imbalance or illness stems from a cause inside your body and manifests itself at first at the spiritual, mental and emotional level. If the cause is not dealt with the imbalance will manifest itself as a physical symptom or illness.

That is why Holistic Yoga Therapy, with its view of humans as complete physical, energetic and spiritual beings, constitutes a powerful method to create health at all levels:  physical, mental and emotional. Owing to the appropriate postures, breathing techniques and relaxation postures and methods, practitioners can activate their ownself-healing capacity. By learning to relax in the postures, you learn to let go of all “unnecessary weight”.

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