My New Year Message to Everyone

self love, self understanding

Hallo Everyone,

I am doctor Liana Nenacheva. I live and work in Ubud, Bali in our Wellbeing Center and I am looking back to my year 2015. It was not an easy year for all of us. So many tragedies happened during this year: Nepal earthquake, a lot of natural disasters in Asia, Economical problems in Europe and Russia, Paris Tragedy.

The World is going through a very powerful transformation right now. People suddenly start feeling that they want to change something in their life. They don’t want to work 12 hrs a day anymore, they do not like their jobs or want to change their life and relationships. So many people try to find root-cause of their problems, illnesses, emotional and physical pain and disappointment. They complain about government, political systems, society, nasty bosses, partners, parents or children. A lot of people travel the world to find a new place to live, a new job, a new love, a new life. They all want to change the world by blaming, complaining and trying to change everyone around them or run away from themselves.

We always blame everybody and everything around us. Do you really think it helps?

Don’t try to save the world! Don’t try to change anything or anybody! Start with one simple thing: start loving yourself! Nobody will love you if you don’t love yourself. Nobody will understand you if you don’t understand yourself.

Do you think that people will care about you if you do not care about yourself. So many of us have this experience: you just care about all other people around you. You have a lot of friends. You just give and give and give till you become empty. Where are all friends now?

This is my message for 2016 to all of you. Just spend this year completing the most difficult task in your life: love yourself, understand yourself, explore yourself and appreciate yourself. This will be the most exiting journey in your life – the Journey towards yourself. You can call it self-discovering or self-development. In spiritual world it is known as finding your TRUE SELF, reconnecting with your TRUE SELF.

You may say: I love myself a lot! But it is a totally different kind of love. Is this real love? Buying branded things, cars and diamonds does not equal self-love.

Do you really need to work 12-15 hrs a day to feel yourself at the top of the business world? Do you realize that you might end up being burned out or seriously sick by the age 45-48 and spending all your money on drugs? Do you want to die at 55 years as the most successful businessperson or you want to live a longer and a happier life? You probably already have a bad lower back pain, lack of energy, high blood pressure, maybe some excessive weight and hormonal problems.

Some people compensate all the emptiness in their lives with food, either eating in expensive restaurants or stuffing themselves with any type of food that they can get right here right now. What kind of unsatisfied desires do you try to compensate with food and alcohol? Have you ever thought about it?

I had one client, a senator, who used to work 15 hrs a day, come home, sit in front of the TV and drink 2 bottles of wine, then she would fall asleep, wake up in the middle of the night with the TV still on, then she would go to bed. Next morning she would wake up, go to work again….. you know the rest of the story. That happened every single day of her life. She has a husband and children. Did she really love herself?

If you have self-love, you will be healthy, happy and successful. You will have a good job, enough money, caring partner and beautiful children.

You just need to realize that most of all our problems are caused by the lack f self-love.

There is no need to change our partners, parents and children. There is no need to rescue the whole world, fight against the Governments, constantly talk about global warming of the Earth and all the terror and wars.

We can start practicing self-love right now with very small steps. Just let’s turn off the light if we do not use it, let’s use less plastic bags and bottles, eat organic local vegetables and fruits, less meat, let’s help old people, smile more, talk more with your friends of family instead of using Facebook, smartphones, let’s listen to our body, that is constantly showing us that we abuse it with excessive food, work, alcohol and so on.

Just start doing it without waiting when your partner or children start doing it, just do it. They will do it also if they see you thrive! There is nothing better than your own example!

Be happy, healthy, thrive.

I wish you an amazing New Year. The year of the journey of SELF-LOVE and Self-Understanding, the journey inside your-self, the year of exploration of your soul.

Good Luck and may you all be happy!

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