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cover-only-food-as-medicin-copy“The most important mistake I see made is that that we only consider our food as carbs, fats, proteins and so on. This approach is relevant to the first chakra or first layer of our koshas or aura. We are very complex bio-energetic systems.

Unfortunately, we still try to use food just for its effects on our physical body, without knowing first, how we can bring harmony to our emotional, mental and spiritual body. It can be done. You are the master or mistress of your existence. If you change your food, you will change your energy and therefore, your entire life will change!”

Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Food is the most powerful remedy to balance all our physical, energetically, emotional and spiritual being.

You probably ask the same questions: How should you eat? Carnivore, vegan, macrobiotic, raw? A huge variety of diets can leave us confused. What is the right one?

The answer is: The universal diet or lifestyle doesn’t exist. You have just one solution to look at you personally, your constitution, your health and lifestyle. Eating right means more than ‘what you should eat’. Dr. Liana, with a profound knowledge on the field of human health, will incorporate her knowledge and skills on food therapies from both East and West.

Our body is a detoxing, cleansing and excess weight losing efficient machine. That is what it is designed to do.

When our body is out of balance, everything in our lives is affected – physical health, relationships, energy levels, weight, job efficiency, the way we manage stress and how we feel about ourselves.

Understand how to optimize you lifestyle and nutrition to maximize the body’s healing and detoxing capacity according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and modern Western nutritional science.

Liana will assess your current condition in terms of health, lifestyle and eating choices to develop a customized dietary and lifestyle plan.

Liana will assess you in order to deliver a personalized plan including the following:

  • Using food as medicine,
  • Understanding the energetic properties of food,
  • Learning energy anatomy according to traditional Chinese medicine,
  • Planning healthy meals,
  • Learning proper food preparation and cooking techniques,
  • Organizing your kitchen,
  • Selecting more high quality food,
  • Avoiding poor food combinations,
  • Acquiring nutritious recipes,
  • Enhancing your lifestyle with the right choices

With Liana’s guidance, life-changing adjustments to your life and diet will flow seamlessly to create more balance!

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