Our Approach

approachMy approach is different than most other holistic practitioners.  Quite simply put, I know what works! I focus on the individual as a whole by incorporating mind, body, and spirit.

I am convinced, that all modern western sciences as western medicine, quantum physic, quantum biology are not contradictory to the oldest east medicine as Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. All of these sciences speak about the same subject, but with different language. They all show that our body a complex system, and everything in this world is energy in their different forms and states. And any kind of dis-ease and illness is an imbalance of our bio-energetic system.

We can’t heal our problems and illnesses without restoring the balance of the entire system. The successful treatment of physical, emotional injuries and pain means the restoring of every chakra, the aura… body, mind, emotions, organs, food, movement, life style. It’s needs The Holistic approach, which is one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve reliable, long-term positive health results leading to a happier, and more fully lived life.

Through my long experience and work with a lot of patients, I am convince that

Food is one of the most powerful medicines that can balance all of our systems: our body, mind, emotions – ALL!

People must understand that food can make us ill or it can make us healthy. It’s not about diet, but also who you are. The ultimate goal of eating healthy food and creating a vibrant lifestyle is to create freedom from fear, from illness and from living a life of indifference.

The results I’ve witnessed with this holistic methodology have been astounding. I do not believe in restriction, suffering, deprivation, counting calories, diet foods, excessive exercise, taking a lot of medications, supplements or trying to heal the body from the outside.

approach02I believe in having a healthy and happy enjoyable life, eating wholesome, delicious foods with abandon, having fun, feeling inspired, eating out, having a sense of purpose and passion, feeling EMPOWERED, confident and beautiful in your own skin!!I utilize simple and easy to follow guidelines that can truly transform your life FOREVER.

Did you know that statistically only 5% of people who lose weight on a diet are able to actually keep the weight off?  That’s crazy%, only 5!!

Fortunately, my program is not just another Detox, Dietof other Holistic healing therapy. You will read more about my approach and my program in the section’ Our Vision& About the Program.

Creating a ‘fulfilling life’ is the goal of my Program


after-careWhether you are looking to feel better, lose weight, or have more energy, this lifestyle will easily help you to achieve your goals. If you are tired of suffering from a myriad of chronic issues and are ready to make a radical change to truly transform your life, I ‘ready to help you get there. You will have my support via e-mails, Skype consultations, live consultations, Face book, Tweeter pages and other media connections.