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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
Mya Angelou’s Facebook (2011)

Surrender Into ‘You’

Sometimes we need to slow down to speed up.  Really pausing to listen to your inner knowing, that voice that holds the wisdom of countless ages can have immeasurable impact on your life’s direction. Have you heard those whispers before? Are you willing to step beyond your fears and truly accept your destiny?

Join us on this uniquely designed seven day retreat that combines a supportive and engaging learning environment, adequate reflective and journaling time, connection and opportunity to create heart-centred decisions and relationships and begin to uncover your greatest gifts in the areas of health and well-being, career, purpose, finances and relationships. Develop your spiritual practices and honour that inner guidance that has been with your your entire life.

This retreat for :

  • Mothers, wives and very busy professionals,
  • People who want to look and feel good,
  • People who are well and are seeking to further their optimal level of wellness,
  • People who spend a lot of money on supplements and doctors,
  • People who want to improve their health, balance energy and life without spending a lot of money or time,
  • People who are interested in self-care and want to change their lives in a positive way,
  • Desires more control over his/her future,
  • People who are committed to being someone who is constantly evolving in life,
  • People who are willing to be responsible for what hasn’t been working in order to move ahead powerfully,
  • People who wants to learn how to fully utilize his/her innate power to attain desired outcomes,
  • People who want to live in harmony with Nature and Laws of Universe.
  • We are all different, but we are all one,
  • People who want to learn how our environment affects our life, happiness and health.

During this retreat you will :

  • Find your true voice, unburdened by “should’s” and “cant’s”,
  • Recognize and catch your excuses, reasons and justifications,
  • Invent your own personal laws to ensure the changes you desire,
  • Learn how to manage your time brilliantly,
  • Create an inspiring new direction for your life or strengthen a pre-existing one,
  • Learn to define your dreams and evolve the most important areas of your life
  • Learn Life changing techniques,
  • Exploring, Mapping Your Future,
  • Understand Why do you always attract the same situation, ‘bad “partner and so on?
  • Learn about the most important and most misunderstood power of CHOICE.
  • Change your relationship to money and examine some of the limiting beliefs that have you in a holding pattern between wanting to create the life of your dreams as well as having no vehicle (money) to fuel those dreams successfully.
  • Learn which type of person you are, your blueprint. You’ll understand how it influences all your life: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Learn about the Subtle Anatomy. We’ll compare the Western Medical anatomy with Chakra and Meridian system.
  • Learn, how we become ill and how we can prevent it with simply healthy tips.
  • Understand how food affects our emotions, our stress resistance and our moods.
  • Learn how we make ourselves ill and how to make ourselves healthy, without any special super human pills or doctors.
  • Understand what is spirituality about for you? How can you apply Spirituality in your daily life?.
  • Learn how to develop a spiritual practice, and become more conscious.
  • Do a health check on the quality of your relationships across all aspects of your life. The sum total of your friendships, business relationships, intimate relationships
  • Understand the Chakra-system as an evolutionary program that we can  use to reprogram our lives. Childhood traumas, cultural conditions, physical of emotional injuries, restrictive behavior contribute to chakra blockage.
  • Learning how to understand and to use this powerful system is one of the most important tools in our Personal journey.

We shall teach you the magnificent methods that help create your successful life. You become a Master Materials. You shall learn to leave according :

  • 7 lows of co-creation
  • 5 lows of Universe
  • the moon calendar,
  • The Chakra system development

journalDuring the retreat you will make a personal journaling:

At the second part of the each day you will have time to journaling – writing your commitments, that you will make during this inspiring surrendering to “you” process. You can also write down all your questions. It will be an amazing evaluation of your process. You can use this journal later in your life. At the end of the process you will make a plan how to create an inspiring new direction for your life or strengthen a pre-existing one. You will mapping your FUTURE.

What kind of results can you expect?

  • Improving your health condition,
  • Look younger,
  • More energy!!!!!
  • A leaner, lighter physique,
  • You will Be, Look and Feel Better
  • Finding the cause of your dis-eases: physically, mentally, emotionally problems,
  • Learning how can you improve your health condition,
  • Slow down,
  • Increased self confidence,
  • Find Yourself and Be Yourself,
  • Thrive,
  • Feeling good in your own skin,
  • A stronger physical and emotional connection with yourself,
  • Sunnier disposition and better mood,
  • True understanding of what you need both emotionally and physically,
  • Clearer, sharper mind,
  • Start to Be excited about your life,
  • Start to Live the Life you Imagined
  • Recapture your Joy
  • Delicious foods that you are excited to eat.
  • A lot of sun,
  • Amazing Balinese hospitality

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