Retreat Center

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat is set in a small traditional Balinese village amongst verdant rice fields. Our secluded location nestled between Sukawati and PantaiPurnama on the eastern shore of Bali puts us far from the traffic, pollution and the crowds of tourists found in Ubud and southern Bali, but we are still conveniently located close to the beach, airport and other key Bali landmarks.

It is a peaceful oasis where our guests are able to fully relax and focus on the moment – whether that consists of a deep yoga practice, a serene spa treatment or just enjoying time with friends and family by the Healing Pool.

Floating Leaf has based our approach on the fundamental Balinese Hindu doctrine of Tri Hita Karana. This Sanskrit term translates to “three paths to peacefulness and prosperity” and is based on a trio of harmonious relationships, the balance between humans and God, between humans and other humans, and the equilibrium of man and nature. When all three are in balance; harmony and prosperity is the result. Tri

Floating Leaf is proud to be a true eco-retreat center. We deeply care for the environment and the preservation of the local landscape. Our mission is to be exemplary model for sustainable living without sacrificing luxury, service or comfort.

We have incorporated age-old Balinese wisdom; state of the art computer simulations, and just about everything in between to ensure our Bali eco-retreat is truly green and showcases environmentally accountable practices.

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