The Structure of The Retreat

Orientation Evening


Time to settle in and get excited as you accustom yourself to your exclusive retreat centre and soak in the breath taking views of the surrounding area. A welcome note will invite you to attend our evening event, including drinks by the pool as we meet and greet other guests and familiarize ourselves with the flow and specific detailsof the next 7 days together and how you might maximize your time. Expect some surprises, some give-aways and a special welcoming ceremony to formally invite you to the Island of the Gods.

Day 1 Monday – MOON DAY – Revitalize and Regenerate

Personal DevelopmentWe understand how busy most people’s lives areand how slowing down can be a challenge. It’s important that you fully ‘arrive’ and be present for the entire retreat. A gentle therapeutic yoga session followed by a healthy and nutritious breakfast awaits you. Rather than relax at the end of the week, we have created an opportunity for you to unwind with massages, other spa and acupuncture treatments, health consultations and coaching sessions on this day. You plan your day around what will best support your needs. We will have lunch and dinner together as a group as well as enjoy an evening activity designed to help wash away any stressors that may have accompanied you here. An early night, a deep sleep and you will be ready to step into the week’s activities.

Day 2 Tuesday – MARS – Create a Purpose Driven Life

We often ask the same questions: Why do I always attract the same situation, ‘bad “partner and so on? Why does somebody can be successful? Why did somebody heals very quickly after very serious illness but me is always ill whereas all therapies that I follow?????

Personal DevelopmentWe will talk about the most important and most misunderstood power of CHOICE. The knowledge about 7 lows of co-creation& 5 lows of Universeis completely changing your life.

It’s time to get a clear definition of what is purposeful and gives meaning to all aspects of your life.Sometimes, we are so focused on ‘finding’ what we are looking for, we forget to pause and examine who is looking. Lets uncover together some truths about yourself that have always been there, quietly guiding you in directions you may never have consciously chosen. Your inner wisdom has a gentle voice. We will reconnect with that voice and access a wellspring of inspiration. Expect to challenge yourself and be a tremendous support for others who are courageous enough to summon this guidance.

Day 3 Wednesday – MERCURY – Financial Freedom and Fulfilling Career

Personal DevelopmentSo often money is considered a ‘dirty’ word, and yet another common phrase states that it ‘makes the world go around’. It’s time to change your relationship to money and examine some of the limiting beliefs that have you in a holding pattern between wanting to create the life of your dreams as well as having no vehicle (money) to fuel those dreams successfully. You will learn to develop some daily practices that will enable you to transform your debt.

The second half of the day will be devoted to your career. Whether you are stuck in a dead end job, left that job and are now happier but broke, or living your true purpose with respect to your vocation in life, it’s time to examine what will fulfil you over time. Are you making purely economic decisions with respect to your work? Are you engaging both your head and your heart in the process?

Day 4 Thursday – JUPITER – Awaken as a Presence

Personal DevelopmentWhat is spirituality about for you? Why are you here? The only way to know your true self is to absolutely not know who you are. Spiritual faith is distinct from religious faith and we will take the time to discover some practices that will support your relationship to the world at large as well as cultivate your inner world. By now, you have broadened your practice of mindfulness, journaling and daily yoga. By developing a spiritual practice, you start to become more conscious. We will visit one of Bali’s most cherished temples practice the art of surrendering into ‘you’.

It doesn’t interest me
where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know
what sustains you
from the inside
when all else falls away.
By Oriah © Mountain Dreaming
from the book The Invitation

We shall make a Water purification ceremony at Tirta Empul holy water temple.


day05You can’t deep understand, who you are without knowing of the Energy anatomy of your entire system.Why do you always have the same emotional, physical, and behaviour problems? Why do you always attract the same situations, and people in your life? During this day we will make amazing journey trough the Subtle body. We will see which type of person you are, your blueprint. We will compare our Modern Western Medical anatomy with Chakra and Meridian system. All of them talk about the same. They just use different language. We will learn, how we become ill and how we can prevent it with simply healthy tips.

In the second half of the day we will talk about the energy of food according the five elements. We will see how food affects our emotions, our stress resistance and our moods. We will see how we make illnesses and how food effects everything; first at an energetic level and then on a physical level. We will look at how we make ourselves ill and how to make ourselves healthy, without any special super human pills or potions.


day-06Lets do a health check on the quality of your relationships across all aspects of your life. The sum total of your friendships, business relationships, intimate relationships.


Chakra-system is an evolutionary program and can be used to reprogram our lives. Childhood traumas, cultural conditions, physical of emotional injuries, restrictive behaviour contribute to chakra blockage. Learning how to understand and to use this powerfulsystemis one of the most important tools in our Personal journey.

At the second part of the day you will have time to journaling – writing you commitments, that you will make after this inspiring surrendering to “you” process.

We will make closing ceremony; we will say ‘good by’ to our old patens. We will let it go. You will be ready to start the incredible journey of your life with wisdom of your soul.


day-08This is an optional day. You will have a grate opportunity for health consultations with Liana and coaching sessions with other members of our team. We will help to fully understand all your problems and dis-eases. We will give you full-personalised program, coaching and treatments, answer on all you questions. This is a unique chans to increase your Personal development and transformation.

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