Total Holistic Health Consultation


60 min 80$
90 min 120$

Each patient will be treated as a unique individual with a personal constitutional history including lifestyle, environment, diet and desire to heal.

During this consultation doctor Liana Nenacheva will uniquely incorporate a wide range of her knowledge and skills in Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Therapy, and Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

This knowledge gives her a wide range of tools to work with your entire system. With the knowledge of a western doctor she can make a total image of your physiological body, including structural and anatomical problems and movement limitations.

Through diagnosis of your pulse, tongue, face, body, speaking mannerisms and observation of your energy flow doctor Nenacheva will discover underlying imbalances in your energetic system.

Liana also will discuss with you your Diet, Movement and Life style. Together, you will search for underlying imbalances in your energetic system.

As a yoga specialist she will find the source of your injuries and mobility problems. According Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhism: 50% of your State of Mind is dependent on your Posture.

This isn’t news to anyone, right?
We talk about feeling things in “our guts” We talk about a lump in our throat when we are upset. Our daily language illustrates this, but how often to we ignore what our bodies are telling us?

Liana finds as Holistic doctor and Yoga therapist, that each person is unique, and that while there are patterns, each body has its own way of making sense things.

While she doesn’t believe that every disease and ailment is a result of emotional distress, it’s always worth taking a second look at what’s going on internally when you notice chronic pain patterns in your body.

Doctor will help youtounderstand the cause of yourinjuriesandworkwithyoutofindeffectivesolutions. For peoplewho have never practiced yoga Lianawill construct a personal program whichwill benefit yourphysical, mental and emotional condition. If you wish, she can give you exercises to be performed at home.

Liana will create an individualized Total Holistic Programwith its view of humans as complete physical, energetic and spiritual beings, constitutes a powerful method to create health at all levels:  physical, mental and emotional.

Liana treats not only your current symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your disease.  Liana can find the disturbance of your energetic balance before the symptoms or the disorders actually occur. This means that this program is also suitable to prevent diseases.

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